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“How will COVID affect Japan’s internationalization aims?” in University World News

The article “How will COVID affect Japan’s internationalization aims?” in University World News, by Yukiko Ishikura and Sachihiko Kondo, was published.

APAIE 2021

Two of the project team members, Yusuke and Ryoko, participated in APAIE 2021 (The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education 2021) held on the 23rd and 24th March. The event gathered many international delegates from Asia, Oceania, and North America to discuss the current issues of international education. In particular, due to the current spread of corona virus, all the sessions were carried out online and focused on information sharing on the situations of international education affected by the pandemic at the different regions of the world.

The delegates presented their effort and challenges in offering online learning opportunities for students at higher education. According to their presentations, most institutions have well adopted to the difficult situation and explored new educational opportunities although there are some limitations. The emerging academic opportunities include not only the delivery of online formal education, but also new online internships, international dual degree partnerships, and transnational virtual scholarly collaborations. Many delegates considered that the development of new educational opportunities would continue and would not disappear even after reopening national borders. Challenges that the delegates often commented on included, for example, the sustainable practices of different educational formats, the development of new transnational partnerships which suit to the educational new normal and need for pedagogical development opportunities for faculty members.

The event brought the most important issues of current higher education. It provided us with many updates from different regions for the better understanding of the dynamics of international education.


CAEI 2021

CAEI Chile-2021 was held online from October 19 (Tuesday) to October 22 (Friday), 2021. From our research team, Ryoko and Yu participated and gave poster presentations. The platform was easy to use, and it was easy to access the program list and poster gallery. In the poster gallery, we were able to post a two-minute video in addition to the poster. It was reassuring to see the faces of the presenters, and I felt it would be helpful for future networking. Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English were the conference’s official languages. It was impressive that some presenters used multiple languages in a presentation. For example, one of them made a presentation in Spanish with English PPT slides. It made me realize that adapting to various languages is also an essential aspect of international student exchange in the new normal.
This time, there were two groups of participants from Japan, including the presenters. From this point of view, I think that the participation of the reporters may have contributed to the promotion of Japanese universities. However, since we hardly used the connection and message functions, we would like to actively use them to expand our network when we participate in the next conference.
Although the conference was held online due to COVID-19, it was a meaningful experience for us to participate in CAEI, which would have been difficult to attend in person.

CAEI 2021