University Education and International Collaboration in the era of the “New Normal”: Redefining joint, exchange, and short-term programs

This research shares views on "New Normal of University Education and International Collaboration", which is the basis of a common vision for exchange of opinions and data analysis with researchers, and is action research that explores a globalization of university education in the next era.

Month: 2022年3月


鍋島有希特任講師(桜美林大学)・仙石祐講師(信州大学)執筆の「COVID-19制御後の学生交流再開に関する探索的研究(日米韓の大学への質問紙調査に基づいて)」が,『グローバル人材育成教育研究』第9巻第2号に採録されました […]